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  • Welcome to Du Bois

    Du Bois schools implement instructional goals and methods that are most effective with at-risk students: a strong focus on academic achievement, an integrated curriculum and a supportive learning environment. These methods are supported by more than 1,000 of the highest-quality and the most useful studies included in the document published by the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory, Effective Schooling Practices: A Research Synthesis. It identifies key areas that are most effective: a preplanned curriculum that guides clear and focused instruction, the integration of traditional school subjects, Frequent feedback and reinforcement regarding progress, techniques that build basic and higher level skills, the merging of language arts and mathematics into content-area instruction, recognition of excellence and interaction with caring staff members. Emphasis is on high student achievement, effective teaching and high expectations.

    Du Bois schools are small learning communities and elementary, middle and high schools are located on the same campus, creating a seamless transition that enhances academic achievement. The leadership structure endorses and supports the tenets of academic accomplishment and is committed to implementing excellence-based education. Standards are set for student achievement, rubrics are developed and tasks are designed that implement local, state and national frameworks. Teachers and support staff help all students master learning material through using a written, sequential curriculum, reviewing and re-teaching as necessary, utilizing community resources and technology to help all students in mastering learning material and documenting and thoroughly assessing student achievement.